MENU OF THE MONTH – March 2016


 COMPRAS ONLINE 2Although growth is slow, Spanish consumers are using with increasing frequency online channels to acquire foodstuffs, at the moment supermarket web pages are the both most used and the preferred method. Less than a quarter of the consumers opt for using the App developed by the brand. This emerges in the report “Preferences in the distribution channels of the global consumer” drawn up by Nielsen, an international company specialized in marketing and advertising research, present in more than a hundred countries worldwide.


Tokyo was the first city to host the exhibition Tapas Spanish Design for Food, to mark the Spain-Japan year of two years ago. It was inaugurated on the 26th October 2013. Since then the exhibition has been to Miami, Washington D.C. Seoul, Toronto, Ljubljana, Albuquerque, Guanajuato y México D.F.

Now the moment for the Exhibition to visit Spain has arrived. TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food has reached Madrid and can be visited at the Design Centre of the Matadero in Madrid, from the 21st of May until the 19th July, 2015. It’s worth a mention that entry is free of charge.


 DESPERDICIOSWith the name   Take the plunge against food waste, the Association of Companies of Mass Consumption, which has more than 25,000 members has set up a competition within the framework of its campaign ‘Food should not be wasted, make the most of it’ part of the initiative of the Ministry “More food, less waste”

We wanted to share this because there was a time when all the media were talking about food waste and how to tackle it, but this has to be a constant task, more than that, it should become a habit. Yet there are many people out there who forget this when they stop receiving the message.

The announcement of the competition Take the Plunge against Food Waste is on their Facebook page and is open to all adults who can contribute an idea which will help to fight against food waste in our country.

If you are interested in participating you still have time until the 15th May. The prize will be for the planet if we humans begin to think about its future and not about our present.


 BEBE Y SANDIAA guide by mummy bloggers lists places with quality food for children’s palates.

“Our children must be aware that vegetables are not born in a plastic bag with a label” reads the manifesto of  which aims “to encourage kids to eat well” and to promote food awareness. Using the hashtag #FoodieKids, a collective of blogger mums, fans of both gastronomy and a healthy lifestyle have taken on the task of paving the way to a quality revolution in Kids menus and letting concerned families know where there are raw materials which are worthwhile, with a special emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients and menus focused on the nutritional aspects.



Toya de la Guardia
Toya de la Guardia
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