People often mistakenly believe that the term gastronomy refers exclusively to cooking, whereas this is only a small part of the discipline. At Full Spain we want you to discover the relationship between gastronomy and Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. Therefore gastronomy is an inter-disciplinary activity. Close examination will reveal the relationship of food with dance, theatre, painting, sculpture, architecture and music; in other words with the Arts. But it also has a relationship with physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology, agronomy, that is to say the Natural sciences and the Social sciences such as anthropology, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology, economics, law, international relations and all those sciences which study man and his links to his surroundings.



Do you want to know what we eat, where we buy and where we keep vegetables, meat, dairy products, oils, eggs, delicatessen, cheese, fish, preserves, fruit, pasta, shellfish, cereals, pulses nuts and dried fruit ……


We know everything about celebrities, about their public side, but we don’t know them when they are at home with their family and friends, we don’t know what they enjoy and what they do in their leisure time. They have standing in their respective professions and a hidden quality: their love for cooking. If you want to enter their kitchens, this is your section.


What are the reasons and the origins for certain customs and norms that we follow at the table, in how we dress and in the choice of menu? Everything that happens at the table is closely related to good taste, sensibility and the senses.


Is white wine really white? What are spirits? Is Sherry the same as a Jerez, as a brandy? Is wine really healthy? You’ll find the answers in this section.


Gastronomic news to keep up to date with what’s happening. News, opinions, recipes, zodiac, proverbs, everything about gastronomy and much more …..


Put on your walking shoes and come and get to know Spain, suitable for all pockets. Sun and beach tourism, cultural, adventure, rural and eco-tourism, health or sports tourism, gastronomic, cosmopolitan, or shopping tourism, humanitarian or solidarity tourism. Boutique hotels and Spas…


A license I allow myself, a treat to share with those who follow me. We all have our baggage and mine is so full of memories, photos and tales of a life, that they could be lived by several lives. “Life is not what one lives but what one remembers” Gabriel García Márquez.


We keep up to date with the best chefs and restaurants in Spain, to know their doubts their plans. We interview the chefs, the proprietors, the sommeliers and the maître d’s. They share recipes and their sincerest opinions on the sector.


Recipes of the XVIII century, architecture and wine, cod and religion, chocolate and aphrodisiacs, Velázquez’s “The old lady frying eggs”…, If you’re curious, read here...


This section aims to open a space for the reader and to share recipes; grandmothers’ recipes now prepared by their grandchildren or that special place which only I know and where they prepare this special dish which is to die for!


A section designed for those who like to read and research the art of cooking. It offers the readers information about writers, editors, photographers, nutritionists, script writers, chefs, etc…. Those who are interested in all the literary and cinematographic aspects of gastronomy. We give the names of authors, titles and publishers, web pages and blogs where you can keep up to date with all latest news.


For all those who want to know more about Spain, the oldest nation in Europe. To show the world our idiosyncrasies, our culture and our way of life. This section will permit all those who come to visit us, enjoy themselves more because they will understand what they’re eating, what they’re seeing, what they’re smelling, what they touch in Spain and so will be able to better appreciate and value their experiences. Nothing just happens!


Keep up to date with new developments in the domestic appliance market. Also advice and tips for cooking and for cleaning and organizing the house....


We recommend how to eat healthily, by changing some ingredients and introducing others into our daily diet. There’s something for vegans, vegetarians, ecologists, there are macrobiotic diets, natural and healing cuisines. The latest in nutrition, technological advances in farming which help preserve the environment...


It’s difficult to talk about one’s self, but I understand that everybody is curious about the person behind the screen and anyway it’s polite to introduce one’s self.  I’ve always been passionate about cooking and wine. To be honest I don’t know where this fervour came from. My mother was not what you’d call a great fan of cooking. At home we always had a cook and we always drank good wine. When we were very young my father used to put a few drops of wine into our water. I always crept into the kitchen to see what was cooking and when we went to Spain to spend the summer holidays with my grandparents and aunts, I learned the traditional family recipes.

Everything has an explanation given that nobody chooses where they are born and in my case it was into the family of a civil servant, part of the Diplomatic corps, something which has marked my life and given me my passion for travelling, different cultures, local customs, gastronomy, languages, my love for Spain and the good fortune to be a woman and to live in freedom.

 I am Spanish, something that I didn’t choose but which I see as a privilege, although because of my upbringing and my experiences I would describe myself as a ”Citizen of the World”. I was born in Damascus, Syria and was baptized in the River Jordan in the month of December. All that’s missing is if I’d been born in Bethlehem! What for years had an exotic air, has now become my worst nightmare when travelling and crossing borders.

My professional career has always been focused on communication, organization of events and public relations, first with my own company and then specializing in the Gastronomy and Wine sector which permitted me the experiences of living in a winery, managing an exclusive Gourmet Club, working as a lobbyist, working for gastronomic publishers, I have worked as a radio Programme Director, Communications Director and Public Relations for the most important wine shop in Spain and organizing events in general.



This blog grew out of my radio programme which has been broadcast on various channels both inside and outside Spain. If someone had told me a year ago that I was going to study and get trained in the digital world, then throw myself into social media and that I would later set up a blog, I would have laughed them out of court. But one day I decided that there were no impediments and given the difficulties in working at a conventional radio station, I was going to try and do it on my own. It’s professional restlessness transformed into a blog, an intent to show, disseminate and explain the best of Spain to the world and because we are what we are to do this through our gastronomy, our wines, our villages and cities so important in our history, with the aim of contributing to the spread of Brand Spain.

So I studied a Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media. I took a WordPress course, I signed up for a Creative Writing workshop and began to fly and to dream on my own. Now it’s up to you to give your opinions. I continue studying every day. I’m going to do a course in photography so I can offer you my own works. All of us who make this blog a reality, want to share our love for gastronomy and all that is happening around us.

After much effort, “Sabores, Olores y Colores” (Tastes, Smells and Colours) was born in 2016 and nowadays, due to the need for internationalization, it is called Full Spain.

We want you to close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported by the smell of spices and the sea, the sounds of a bottle being uncorked and the clink of glasses. Taste wines, discover products of the Cantabrian and Mediterranean seas, learn from the best chefs, enjoy recipes with the flavours of the different regions of Spain, enjoy good books on gastronomy and season it all with good music. We should let ourselves be seduced by all the good things offered to us by the land, the sea and the air.

We have regular collaborators specialized in the different subjects in order to be as rigorous as possible and should we succeed in entertaining you while you learn, well we consider ourselves satisfied!!


35 Years of Experience




Our Objective is You

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