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A gastro cultural route through the “Alpujarra Granadina”. It’s an invitation to the five senses. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, this guided tour is for you.

Granada, better known for its Cultural Heritage, hides other surprising trails such as the Alpujarra Granadina. If your passion is for artisanal products, we have good news for you, as on this route we will have the pleasure of visiting 4 incredible gastronomic points in the area. Cheese, honey, ham and water.

A route for the 5 senses, we will enjoy the best artisan cheeses made by a family run company that have been bringing flavour to life for years. The cheeses have been awarded the silver and bronze in the “World Cheese Awards 2016”. Standing out amongst the best cheeses in the world. We will learn about their creation and also get to taste them.

Our next steps will lead us to visit the honey museum, beekeeping interpretation centre for the conservation of diversity. The province of Granada is an important bee-keeping area, so much so that it boasts one of the only two honeys with Protected Denomination of Origin in Spain.

And we couldn’t possibly finish this tour, without getting to know the most closely guarded secret of the Alpujarra climate;  Trevélez cured ham. We’ll visit the curing house, the rooms for Salting, Post-salting, Draining, Drying and the Aging of the ham. At the end of the tour there will be tasting of the naturally cured artisanal ham.

In the meantime, as is to be expected we will get to know some typical white villages of the Alpujarra. Their history, anecdotes, architecture, streets, economy, agriculture, importance of water, etc.

And after so many appetizers, we will end the visit with a delicious lunch typical of the area, which will bring together our experiences: water, cheese, honey and ham. Are you in?


We practice responsible, green, and sustainable tourism with social responsibility. About post Covid 19 security measures, we are respecting the indications of the FADE and the guide of good practices published by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain. 

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