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My name is Toya de la Guardia and I’m a lover of Gastronomy Brand Spain

When I’m asked what I do, I usually say that I write and research gastronomy, wine and everything which has to do with Brand Spain. Nearly always they follow this by asking “So you’re a foody then?” And actually, no I’m not. I always say that I’m a Communicator converted into a Blogger. Some years ago, during the peak crisis years, I went to Panama to try and make a living. I was lucky because I ended up in the Prisa group on Radio Panama with my gastronomy, wine and tourism programme, pioneering in the Central American country. But the truth is that after 3 years I was so homesick that I returned to Madrid and of course I had to reinvent myself. So I set about studying the new technologies , I studied digital marketing and social media and did a course on WordPress, something which cost me my life! Time to be in the World!


What did I do before having my blog?

Before then, I did pretty much everything. I was a flight attendant, a translator and English teacher, sales assistant/translator in Loewe, P.A. in construction Companies which led to me living as an expat in Iraq, but that’s another long story still to tell. I was a businesswoman in the 90’s and I don’t know how many other things. My last adventure as I told you was 3 years ago when I went to Panama to conquer the myth of “El Dorado”. There I had my pioneering programme of gastronomy, wine and tourism on the Prisa group’s Radio Panama. What I was always clear about was that sooner or later what I really enjoy is to fly alone.


How I understand my profession

It’s very simple …I only talk about what I like passionately. Many hours go into researching and checking information to be able to offer the best summarized for the reader. It must be done without pretensions, with humility and content should be offered with honesty. I also believe in the synergies between those of us in the same business. There is no competition, but the sum of knowledge which in the end benefits everyone… the readers the bloggers themselves, journalists, cooks, brands, products etc… I also get quite annoyed by the use of so many anglicisms and new words being used to explain whatever because it makes us seem “cool” rather than “guay”. So why this language of bloggers which my mother doesn’t understand, when Castellano is such a rich language. So it’s “trendy”, it’s “assertive”, it’s ‘influencers’, it’s empowering, it’s about “haters”….yes, them and I take this moment to say to them that I don’t understand this thing of being permanently angry and making a living out of this by criticizing on social media without rhyme or reason those of us who try to make an honest living which is also by the way exhausting; attending presentations, dinners, doing interviews, travelling etc… so as to recount it later. It’s a job which is as well regarded as any other. Lastly, I think it’s important to be objective and not be influenced by the buddy system or cronyism when writing any type of review including gastronomic or tourism. It’s very difficult to write reviews when you’re being harassed for speaking well. I think that one should be more contained, avoid vicious takedowns and yes show some sympathy. It’s better to give pleasant, constructive criticism, which is actually more effective, there is no necessity to stick the knife in.


 Why I decided to go out on my own

Well basically because, not being able to find work, I got tired of sending CV’s which nobody even thanks you for. Moreover I got tired of giving my talent to others so they could fulfil their dreams. It was also not the first time that I’ve gone out on my own, though it had been in analogue form. On the other hand, I believe that I can help the rest of the world to know Spain better through our gastronomy, our wines and our villages all present in our history, my aim to spread Brand Spain. In the fight against your fears, I can’t help you, but remember one thing: the World is for the brave.


My point of view on gastronomic journalism

I started Journalism because it was something that attracted me from a Young age. Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo was a close friend of my father and I was fascinated listening to him whilst the two of them drank cognac and my father lit his pipe. But due to circumstances which are not important I started working until I went back to my beginnings, you can take the girl out of journalism, but you can’t take journalism out of the girl and in the end I have devoted myself to communication in one way or another, which led me to the gastronomic sector in all its aspects, many years ago now, a time before mobiles, Masterchef and much less bloggers. Cooking was another of my passions as I have already told you. The wearing battle between blogger and journalist: something which is even more tiring if you are both and don’t see why they have to be incompatible, even less that one of them should be pejorative, or prone to being so. We are facing a new phenomena to which, like it or not we have to adapt, and to respect the new way of writing of the bloggers who are, generally very young. The blogger doesn’t know how to write, the journalist doesn’t know anything about gastronomy. And so we enter in a cycle which is anything but constructive. In my case, I’ve spent many years in the sector and at this stage of the game becoming a blogger wasn’t an easy choice but I’ve discovered that I like it.


Much more personal

You already know why I do what I do, how I understand my profession and where I come from, but if you want to know me a little bit better you can read the introduction to my blog where I tell you more things that you don’t know about me.


What Can I Do For You?

When I decided to recycle myself in the new technologies, I wanted to have a professional profile with more openings but without forgetting what one has learned and lived through, without stopping what I most enjoy: Communicating.

If you have a good idea for a subject which you’d like to convert into reality through “Sabores, Olores y Colores” we can share it. Do you have a restaurant, bar or shop that you think might fit into the blog?

Do you know a place that’s worth sharing?

An event that you think could interest our readers?

Do you believe that we could collaborate with you in some way?

Do you want me to prepare a lunch or dinner in your house?

Are you visiting Spain and need some advice or arrange a boutique trip?

Write to me at or fill in the contact form



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